Regional Workforce

A dedicated and loyal workforce, ready to go to work for you!

17.2% of Southern Virginia’s workforce is in the manufacturing sector. Our employees are used to shift work, team work, and critical thinking.

A dedicated and loyal workforce, ready to go to work for you!

17.2% of Southern Virginia’s workforce is in the manufacturing sector. Our employees are used to shift work, team work, and critical thinking.

A dedicated and loyal workforce, ready to go to work for you!

17.2% of Southern Virginia’s workforce is in the manufacturing sector. Our employees are used to shift work, team work, and critical thinking.


of Southern Virginia’s workforce is in the manufacturing sector.


Workforce in 60-Minute Drive Radius


Workforce in 90-minute Drive Radius

Education System & Workforce Training Pipeline

Middle School (Ages 11-13) GO TEC Career Connection Labs

  • Exposing middle school students to additive manufacturing, CNC machining, welding, robotics, metrology, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and health sciences

Secondary School (Ages 14-18) Advanced Manufacturing Certificate

  • University Credit, Industry Recognized Credentials, Dual Enrollment

Two-year Technical College Precision Manufacturing Technology

  • University Diploma, Advanced Industry Credentials

Advanced Manufacturing Training Integrated Machining Technology Program

  • University Degree, NIMS Certifications, Yellow Belt – Six Sigma Certification, Lean Flow Cell, Manufacturing, Principals

Development of Manufacturing Engineering Technology Degree

  • University Degree established between Old Dominion University and Patrick and Henry Community College

Articulation Agreements in place between community colleges and universities in North Carolina and Virginia for a seamless transition.

Recruiting Engineering Graduates in the Region

886 Community College Students Yearly
1705 Undergrad Students Yearly
939 Post-Grad Engineering Awards Yearly

The SVRA Region is comparable in size to MSA’s Topeka, KS; Lafayette, IN; & Athens, GA

Population from SVMS

45 Minute Drive:
237,480 Total Employees
513,218 Total Population

60 Minute Drive:
573,621 Total Employees
1,166,303 Total Population

90 Minute Drive:
1,525,819 Total Employees
3,075,189 Total Population

Easy one-day access to Portland (ME), Chicago (IL),
St. Louis (MO), and Orlando (FL).

Labor Shed Within a 60-mile Radius

The labor shed in a 60-mile radius of Danville VA (highlighted in red) overlaps with the labor sheds of Lynchburg, Roanoke, Greensboro and Raleigh Durham. This provides easy access to skill sets in advanced manufacturing, nuclear/electronics, life science and R&D.

Universities & Colleges

More than 40 Colleges and Universities within a 50-mile radius

The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR)

Serves as a regional catalyst for economic transformation. IALR provides optimization of processes and launch space for manufacturing in the region as well as applied research and customized industry credentials. IALR’s Applied Research division includes Analytical Chemistry, Advanced Materials, Life Sciences & Biotechnology, and Precision Agriculture. The Advanced Manufacturing division focuses on meeting and exceeding the optimization and workforce needs of new and existing industry.

Averett University

Averett University is a private college that offers 4 Bachelor’s Degree programs, 7 Master’s Degree Programs, and 2 Master’s Certificate Programs in areas including Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Data Analytics, Education, Nursing, and Sociology. Small classes are led by industry-experienced instructors and course formats make balancing work, family, and higher education more convenient. 

photo of Averett University main hall

New College Institute

NCI’s Center of Advanced Manufacturing provides technology education, manufacturing training, and consulting services that contribute to continuous workforce and technology development and business success. Their advanced manufacturing team, innovative solutions, and low-cost pricing helps companies of all sizes access the training and pipeline development needed to remain economically competitive. In addition to college-level degree and certification programs, NCI offers experiential learning opportunities such as the NCI Internship Program, regional cybersecurity, and engineering competitions.

Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC)

Provides college and career training opportunities and short-term hands-on credential based training in information technology, mechatronics, and welding. R&D Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Energy Efficiency (R&D CAMEE) provides three core services to small and medium sized businesses: technology adoption, custom production runs, and applied research.

Training Facilities

Regional training facilities include the following:

Workforce solutions

Retention, Promotion and Advancement

Retaining employees matters. Not only does employee retention promote an organization’s growth and productivity, but it also mitigates the costs and time spent finding, interviewing, and onboarding new workers.

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Higher Education, Skill Sets, Certifications, and Recertifications

Virginia offers residents a robust education system for workforce development. From higher education to certifications and recertifications, continuing education, and customized training opportunities create a pipeline of skilled workers.

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Childcare, After-School Care, and Elder Care

Why are childcare, elder care, and after-school care something that affect business? When employees struggle to find high-quality dependent care, they may miss multiple days of work or even leave the workforce entirely. However, when employees have access to dependent care that meets their needs: absenteeism and turnover rates fall, and morale rises.

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Recruiting and Onboarding Employees Resources for Your Region

How can employers attract the best talent? With a constantly evolving job market, businesses must consider job seekers’ needs and hone recruiting and onboarding processes to connect with qualified candidates.

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Training, Apprenticeships, Internships, and Re-entry Programs Resources for Your Region

Building a strong and adaptable workforce starts with connecting the right people to the right opportunities. From training and re-entry programs to apprenticeships and internships, businesses who invest in their workers will retain and motivate these employees for years to come.

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of Workforce is in Manufacturing

60-Minute Radius Workforce

National Career Readiness Certificates